Welcome to New York Client Solutions

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About Us

New York Client Solutions is an outsourcing sales and marketing solutions for businesses that are looking to boost their weekly sales targets and build their customer base. As a company, we provide our clients with cost effective, low risk alternatives to more traditional marketing strategies.

We market our clients’ products and services through in-person presentations which provide a fun and engaging experience while increasing public awareness of our clients' brand.

Our clients find marketing and branding through our outsourced service to be a highly effective method of communication. Consumer engagement is the key to our success.

More About Us

Our Company

Consumers have high expectations in this competitive age, so let us launch your product, pitch your service or promote your brand at an interactive event, at an in-home presentation or at your customer’s place of work. Being face-to-face with your exact target market means we will catch the interest of your consumer, engage and educate them and build strong loyal relationships.

NYCS services clients across America and can tailor a marketing campaign to your organization's requirements.

New York Client Solutions will help bring your brand's goals to life!

Our Promise

We’ll make a clean and objective view of your current operations, recommend ways to improve the marketing structure, identify the most productive market segments and find new routes to reach those customers. Our greatest asset is our people; our aim is to provide our people with an innovation friendly environment in which they can develop both personally and professionally.

Our 100% ‘organic growth’ philosophy ensures that our coaching meets the highest of standards because we are dedicated to providing opportunity, allowing our people to maximise their potential and truly get the best from themselves and others.

Our Strategy

NYCS is passionate about exposing potential new customers to products and services in a way that will resonate with them. The face-to-face interaction delivers maximum impact, and NYCS effectively presents offers to targeted consumers that result in quality sales. Every company should have a business plan and a marketing plan. Without a marketing plan involving testing and measurement, a business cannot effectively allocate marketing expenditures. Unlike longer term strategic documents, we regularly revise our marketing plans to ensure optimal results are being generated.

Why Choose Us?

We're Focused

At NYCS we communicate more consistently and generate personal relationships with your target audience. Direct selling is the oldest form of sales in the world and by encouraging a strong loyal relationship between the customer and your brand we offer a significant point of difference than your competitors ever could. Work with us to develop a sales, marketing or branding campaign that suits your individual requirements. By focusing on aligning your sales and marketing strategy, we generate a more productive and results driven campaign for your business.

We're Accountable

Direct Marketing through NYCS gives you the ability to track the success of your campaign. Whether it’s counting the number of customer contacts acquired or inquiries generated. By tracking and analysing results, you can see what is working and if any changes need to be made.

It's Integrated

Direct Marketing can easily be integrated with Web, Media (TV/Radio) and Social to create a winning combination. Using NYCS services alongside your internal marketing communications allows you to reach almost every possible new customer.

How To Find Us